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Index - Compiled Hebrew


Editorial design—Typography

A research project about the origin of prominent words in the Hebrew language. The project consists of three booklets showing the origin of the word, social and symbolic reference, physical meaning, proofreading, sound and literal meaning. The pamphlets are divided into three developmental categories of language learning.Phase 1: survival language. Phase 2: narcissistic language. And Phase 3:a capitalist language. Made in collaboration with Roni Bahir.




The project is based around the idea of the renewal of the PBX structure abandoned in Tel Aviv at 34 Hamerd Street as a botanical garden as nature has overtaken the building. The book and content are intended for visitors to the garden,  containing information on places that nature has overtaken.


The project contains print, web and mobile design, and 3D simulation.

Index - Compiled Hebrew

Editorial design Typography


Botanical Garden

Editorial design — Typography

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