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Kafka On The Shore

Title Sequence




The video portraysis about two parallel travel stories. The first is of a boy who fled his home, and the second is of an older Japanese man that take place in Japan in the 2000s. The plotlines of the two characters run in tandem,are parallel and affect oneeach another— and move on to the examining the boundary between imagination and reality.


Technique: Mix media, digital illustration, stop motion and after effect.


Created in partnership with Julia Scherer.

Music: Superpoze | we do not own the copyrights from the footages‭.‬



Branding for the "Dream Children," a conference that deals with education in kibbutzim, with an emphasis on children's homes and shared accommodation, taking place in Kibbutz Gvat. The conference is aimed at psychologists, educators, and more. 


In the project, I took inspiration from the embroidery of the clothing in the kibbutz. I used this as a tool to explore the connectivity between the individual and the group, and as a central tool in the 

Kafka On The Shore - Title Sequence




Children Of The Dream

Branding—Image making,    


Storytelling—Video mapping 

graphic language of the event— all  atop of nostalgic pictures from the kibbutz. The project consists of posters and an entrance ticket to the event, short teaser videos for social networks, and a central mapping video (screening of Beit Ha'am in Kibbutz Gvat).

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