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Kafka On The Shore

Title Sequence




The video portraysis about two parallel travel stories. The first is of a boy who fled his home, and the second is of an older Japanese man that take place in Japan in the 2000s. The plotlines of the two characters run in tandem,are parallel and affect oneeach another— and move on to the examining the boundary between imagination and reality.


Technique: Mix media, digital illustration, stop motion and after effect.


Created in partnership with Julia Scherer.

Music: Superpoze | we do not own the copyrights from the footages‭.‬



Illustrations from exhibitions I initiated and curated as part of Illustration Week 2019-2020.


1/ "Swimming" was done as part of Illustration Week 2019 within the exhibition "Place and Longing." The illustration depicts a longing for swimming lessons with my grandmother on the kibbutz.

Kafka On The Shore - Title Sequence




Illustration Week



2/ "The Bubble" was made as part of Illustration Week 2020 within the exhibition "Tel Aviv Jaffa 2120." During the cCorona pandemic, the exhibition sought to offer an extreme Histadrut to the future of the local and well-known unions, to imagine and present ideas for what the city of Tel Aviv might look like in a hundred years. The illustration depicts the student bubble  as a floating island off the beach,  on top of a massive swarm of jellyfish.

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